Encouraging chronic disease patients, their family, & employers throughKNOWLEDGE & UNDERSTANDING!

  1. Why me?
  2. How will it affect my relationships?
  3. Will I be an inconvenience to the people around me?
  4. How will I handle this?
  • Empathy towards others
  • Tend to put others first 
  • Hard working
  • Emotionally strong
  •  Inspirational & Motivating
  • Never gives up


Friends & Co-Workers

Fighters Strengths

Steve Winfree Advice: Fighters, Family, Employers

Fighters Concerns

You are a superhero, an inspiration, and a strong individual. Fighters are chosen for a reason and God knows what He is doing with our lives. It is OK to be sad & emotional sometimes. This is a hard hand we have been dealt & its ok to be in touch with the sad side of our feelings. However, if we take the worst things that are happening to us in order to help & make the best things happen for others, it will answer the question hanging over all of us: WHY ME? Keep fighting, keep using your situation to help others going through similar situations, and remember that our disease doesn't define us, but it does help make us the unique & inspirational people we are!


Congratulations! You are the winners of the "keep their mind off of it" and "treat me like everybody else" awards! Friends: just be there for them, make them laugh, & just treat them like everybody else. Fighters are sick, not untouchables. Employers: the law protects fighters well, but do them a favor & be understanding to their situation. Sure, work is important, but so are your employees. Don't make them feel guilty for having to miss, check in on them because you care not because you want to know when they are coming back. By all means, do not make them feel like an inconvenience for being sick. Fighters don't want to be in the situation either!

AKA: The ROCK of the Chronic Disease Fighter. It is very important that while families want to protect their child from being scared, its ok and healthy to allow the fighter to talk about being scared and worried sometimes. Fighters need to know that they are supported & loved unconditionally no matter how they are dealing with their disease. Chronic Disease affects the family just as much as the fighter & being scared and worried is a normal reaction. Don't be afraid to show these feelings in a healthy way. Fighters and family need EACH OTHER, so always be mindful of how the situation could be affecting the other.